I never realised how deaf I actually was…

Until I went on holiday…
I’ve just come back from America. In fact, to be more precise, I’ve just got back from a music festival cruise called ‘Parahoy’ and I could not hear a thing.

I could only hear things when I was in either my hotel room or when I was in my room on the boat. I heard the music, but it sucked not being able to hear my friends very well. I’d not seen these guys in over two years, since the last Parahoy.

I was also very sick. I threw up on the plane because I was hungry 😞 and they didn’t wake me up for dinner!! Someone I was sharing my hotel room had the flu and I caught it off her too. The next day, I got sunstroke, as I had forgotten to put sunscreen on my face and made for an eventful first day in Miami. Plus, I hadn’t even made it to the boat yet!

The next day, I could barely move. One of my friends was so concerned about me that she cut up my food into really tiny pieces so that I didn’t choke on it! As soon as our rooms were open, I went straight to my room and demanded a bed all to myself, to which I slept for nearly 5 hours! I then got up for Paramore and then went straight to bed. I pretty much slept on the entire cruise and when I wasn’t watching Paramore performing, you’d find me in bed. Though I did go to the silent disco.

After Miami, we headed to the Bahamas, where the only thing I can remember was the free Wifi on the beach!

After the cruise, I had three days in NYC. Once again, I couldn’t hear anything. I think in stressful situations my hearing goes completely and I lose my ability to do anything such as talking or going to places first and speaking.

And if being sick on holiday wasn’t the worst thing in the world, I also forgot my hearing aids.


You know what is hard?

Living in Manchester and being hard of hearing!

Well, I mean. I have low frequency hearing loss, so I can’t hear men with deep voices very well… Or as it turns out, TRAMS! I have lost count how many times I’ve nearly been hit by a tram, or had people (sometimes strangers) pull me back. I’d wear my hearing aids in town, but if there is a loud high pitch sound i.e. Ambulance/ Police/ Fire engine siren, my ears literally bleed! Not only am I H.O.H but I have sensitive ears. Even the hearing test hurts my ears (and gives me migraines!)

I’ve been thinking about joining the Manchester City Deaf team, but I don’t think I know enough sign language to go? I can introduce myself, describe a person and emotions but thats about it! (I mean I know more, but not stuff I can list off hand). I might leave that until next season?

I’d like to make more deaf/ H.O.H friends, but I have no idea how I’d go about that!

Busy week

I’ve had a very hectic week

On Wednesday, I went to see Manchester City Women lose to Arsenal ladies in the Continental Cup final.

Massive bummer.

Coach was fun mind, sitting with some of the best people in the world! Hearing interesting stories about what they do for work and other life stories.

Forgot my hearing aids though didn’t I??

What. An. Idiot.

None the less, The bus was fun.

The game was dull. Got dominated in the first half and let in a stupid goal. Keeper isn’t tall enough. Second half we battered them. Very unlucky not to score, but the best team won in the end. As much it hurt to say that. It’s true.

We spent the game in hospitality which was nice, it wasn’t even too cold outside either. I think Wycome Wanderers is a nice stadium (Not as nice as the Minihad, but you know…) I also got to see my bestie that lives in London, I don’t get to see her enough. But then again, she abandoned me so… :P. We didn’t get back to the Etihad until nearly 2am, and then straight home to make my hot water bottle (because I’m clearly an old lady) and then to bed.

On Thursday, I worked from home. My other halfs alarm went off at 6:30 and I could have cried. I do not work well on no sleep. I had lost all motivation at 3pm. Couldn’t keep my eyes open, and fell asleep at 15:45 and woke up at 16:45 to the sound of my work phone ringing.

Then, Sign language at 6pm! It is getting really hard. I’m instantly forgetting everything I’ve just learned, and I’m stressing about exams already >.

It’s Friday, and I’m still recovering from staying out late on Wednesday. 2am on a school night? Who thought that was a good idea?


In other news, Ireland won the 6 Nations, and I cried.

Also, my ears hurt. A lot. I feel like I’ve got ear chill… I can barely hear they are so sore


Hello hello 🙂

My name is Rachel, and I am hard of hearing.

I decided I would start this blog to share my hearing loss experience

So here is the story about how I started to lose my hearing:

I’ve been going deaf since I was 13, I had a really bad ear infection and by the time I got to the doctors the insides of my ears were practically ROTTING. When it cleared up, I knew my hearing wasn’t the same. It was as if my ears were full of cotton wool. My mum took me to the doctors who told me that was normal and it would be fine in a few weeks.

My ears never got better, and I just got used to not hearing

Fast forward 3 years and my hearing was getting noticeably worse, off to the doctors again who said I was too young to be having hearing loss and sent me on my way telling me I was just stressed because I was doing my GCSE’s

A year later, I ended up at the hospital due to Migraines and could barely hear what the soft spoken doctor was saying… Back to my doctors to complain again.

FINALLY after three trips, someone is starting to listen to me! I get put on the waiting list for a hearing test. Do you want to know how long I had to wait to be seen? 18 months!! (I didn’t even have to wait that long to get braces!!!) There are clearly only 3 hospitals in Northern Ireland that do hearing tests…

By the time I had got my hearing test, I had finished my A-Levels, and moved to Liverpool for Uni

Go my ears tested “You have significant hearing loss, we usually see this in 90 year olds, but its probably not much use in giving you hearing aids” Wait what? Come back in three years and we will test you again. Do you drive a motor bike? *I was 18 and had literally just passed my car driving test*

SO when I finished Uni, I moved to Manchester and started again with a new Doctor.

I had registered with a doctor, got referred to the hospital, had my hearing test and a brand new set of ears within 6 months… Now that wasn’t too bloody hard was it?!?!

I love the NHS, and I will miss it when the Tories sell it off… But good lord I can see why people complain

Within the last 6 months, I have felt it start to decline again. My ears are constantly sore in the winter, or the cold weather, but no signs of another infection. I had to quit playing football because of it. Can’t wear my hearing aids because they can’t get wet and Manchester being Manchester, if the sweat don’t get in the rain will!

On the plus side, I’ve started taking sign language lessons!