Hello hello 🙂

My name is Rachel, and I am hard of hearing.

I decided I would start this blog to share my hearing loss experience

So here is the story about how I started to lose my hearing:

I’ve been going deaf since I was 13, I had a really bad ear infection and by the time I got to the doctors the insides of my ears were practically ROTTING. When it cleared up, I knew my hearing wasn’t the same. It was as if my ears were full of cotton wool. My mum took me to the doctors who told me that was normal and it would be fine in a few weeks.

My ears never got better, and I just got used to not hearing

Fast forward 3 years and my hearing was getting noticeably worse, off to the doctors again who said I was too young to be having hearing loss and sent me on my way telling me I was just stressed because I was doing my GCSE’s

A year later, I ended up at the hospital due to Migraines and could barely hear what the soft spoken doctor was saying… Back to my doctors to complain again.

FINALLY after three trips, someone is starting to listen to me! I get put on the waiting list for a hearing test. Do you want to know how long I had to wait to be seen? 18 months!! (I didn’t even have to wait that long to get braces!!!) There are clearly only 3 hospitals in Northern Ireland that do hearing tests…

By the time I had got my hearing test, I had finished my A-Levels, and moved to Liverpool for Uni

Go my ears tested “You have significant hearing loss, we usually see this in 90 year olds, but its probably not much use in giving you hearing aids” Wait what? Come back in three years and we will test you again. Do you drive a motor bike? *I was 18 and had literally just passed my car driving test*

SO when I finished Uni, I moved to Manchester and started again with a new Doctor.

I had registered with a doctor, got referred to the hospital, had my hearing test and a brand new set of ears within 6 months… Now that wasn’t too bloody hard was it?!?!

I love the NHS, and I will miss it when the Tories sell it off… But good lord I can see why people complain

Within the last 6 months, I have felt it start to decline again. My ears are constantly sore in the winter, or the cold weather, but no signs of another infection. I had to quit playing football because of it. Can’t wear my hearing aids because they can’t get wet and Manchester being Manchester, if the sweat don’t get in the rain will!

On the plus side, I’ve started taking sign language lessons!


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