I never realised how deaf I actually was…

Until I went on holiday…
I’ve just come back from America. In fact, to be more precise, I’ve just got back from a music festival cruise called ‘Parahoy’ and I could not hear a thing.

I could only hear things when I was in either my hotel room or when I was in my room on the boat. I heard the music, but it sucked not being able to hear my friends very well. I’d not seen these guys in over two years, since the last Parahoy.

I was also very sick. I threw up on the plane because I was hungry 😞 and they didn’t wake me up for dinner!! Someone I was sharing my hotel room had the flu and I caught it off her too. The next day, I got sunstroke, as I had forgotten to put sunscreen on my face and made for an eventful first day in Miami. Plus, I hadn’t even made it to the boat yet!

The next day, I could barely move. One of my friends was so concerned about me that she cut up my food into really tiny pieces so that I didn’t choke on it! As soon as our rooms were open, I went straight to my room and demanded a bed all to myself, to which I slept for nearly 5 hours! I then got up for Paramore and then went straight to bed. I pretty much slept on the entire cruise and when I wasn’t watching Paramore performing, you’d find me in bed. Though I did go to the silent disco.

After Miami, we headed to the Bahamas, where the only thing I can remember was the free Wifi on the beach!

After the cruise, I had three days in NYC. Once again, I couldn’t hear anything. I think in stressful situations my hearing goes completely and I lose my ability to do anything such as talking or going to places first and speaking.

And if being sick on holiday wasn’t the worst thing in the world, I also forgot my hearing aids.


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